We were up nice and early today... Left the hotel at 7:15 for a ten o'clock Mass (remember that next time your running late to Mass). By the time we got there , about 10 minutes later this was the line to get in

Within 20 minutes this was the line behind us:

What an absolutely unique, beautiful, historic, and prayerful experience. To be there with the 115 Cardinals, the successors to the Apostles, knowing that (hopefully) in a few days one of them, The Lord will have raised up as the next "Peter" - was just phenomenal

These last two shots show the balcony, in front of the Basilica where once elected, the new Pope will emerge from the Sistine Chapel to greet the people he will be chosen to shepherd as our new Holy Father. You can see its all decked out and ready!!


Christine Marie said...

I'm not sure if this needs to be said...but living vicariously through you via blog posts and pictures...its pretty evident your life is changing forever. I cannot believe you got to go to Mass with the Cardinals pre conclave. Mass is a full experience for anyone in the Church, but that one takes the cake! Soak it up Fr. Jim! May the Holy Spirit be with you!!!

Ursula said...

Shalom Fr Jim
Thanks God for the chance you had
and I 'm Glad you take the opportunity to do it and had remarque in yr heart.
please have me in your daily pray and God bless you always .