Second black smoke.

Well that was disappointing... We had front row spots, perfect location for the new Pope to come out of the balcony and ... BLACK SMOKE

The bizarre thing was the number of media outlets that were shooting us for three hours. We were praying the rosary (it is a pilgrimage after all). And after announcing the first mystery I had to open my eyes because I started hearing photographers and camera men surrounding us like they never saw someone praying in St Peters Square before (haha). The cool thing though was that me and a bunch of pilgrims got interviewed again.

We're off to 2 major basilicas this afternoon - St. Mary Major and St. Paul's outside the walls to visit, pray, celebrate Mass that hopefully tonight we'll be seeing white smoke!

Love and prayers to all of you for your kind notes and messages. It's really an amazing experience. If you find links of our interviews on CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox, my fellow pilgrims and I would love to see them. thanks!


Alyx said...

Love reading your blog and tweets! Thanks for giving the play by play. our pictures are fantastic!

Tony G. Pizza said...

Again, two more highlights of my trip to Rome. I believe it is at Paul inside the walls you will see Michaelangelo's magnificent statue of Moses which was supposed to be a crypt of one of the Popes. But speaking of crypts Father Jim, do NOT forget to see the Capuchin Crypt while you are in Rome! Michelle and I saw it Christmas Eve and it is one of the most macabre yet beautiful sites I have seen in my life. I cannot describe it, you must just go.

Lisa Schmidt said...

I saw that pic of Mountain with all those crazy photogs snapping pics right in front his face while praying the Rosary. Crazy. "Hey, do you mind. We're praying here!!" Really hoping you get to see white smoke soon! +JMJ+